Give your dream car a chance with Carapp application. Carapp application claims that it can provide its audience with the most easily purchased or sold items, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. In addition to this, one of this app advantages is the free price consultation of the car, so that the customer’s minds are comfortably priced and the seller will increase their customers’ fair price.

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Carapp is a platform that allows the user to announce car specifications, such as brand, name, model, color status, etc. so that experts can determine the price of a car by SMS; You can also view your work or advertise your car for sale in this app.

Our team in an effortless but simple environment has tried to put the app into a link between the buyer and the seller, providing options such as changing or removing the contents of the memory card, connecting to Wi-Fi and disconnecting from it and managing downloads for users’ satisfaction.
Ariosoft tries to create applications with the help of clients, which are very simple and yet have a sophisticated, effective and confident space for the user’s satisfaction.