How would the world be without mobile apps

The smartphones have been making our lives easier for more than a decade. Mobiles nowadays benefit from such advanced technology that they can replace many objects we use on a daily basis: watches, alarm clocks, computers, books, TV sets… Can you even imagine your life without mobiles?

The main advantage of mobile phones is its portability, you can carry them in your pockets wherever you go. Smartphones gave a new face to service sector with the invention of mobile apps. Mobile apps are applications designed to perform a specific task. Time consumption has been reduced with the popularity of mobile apps and now goods and services are at fingertip.

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How do mobile applications play a role in our lives?

 No one in the whole world can’t deny this fact that Smartphones are so efficient that they have recouped certain things in our life, for example, landline phones, alarm clock, camera, calculator, etc. which has reduced our burden. On the other hand, we have become so accustomed to our Smartphone that it has turned into the biggest distraction for us and because of if we can’t focus on some of the most important goals in our lives.

Online shopping

Online shopping is one of the most important advantages of mobile apps, with which you can get your favorite clothes, gadgets, accessories and raw materials online without visiting shopping malls. Customers can view, search and buy your favorite commodity of size, shape, and color they prefer. Online shopping is a kind of business where you act as both seller and buyer. Today many people earn their livelihood through online shopping. Without mobile apps, it becomes time-consuming to buy our daily needs. Technology makes a vast shopping circle to select and buy things but without it, our shopping circle will be limited to local shops and malls.

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Impact on Studies and Business

When it comes to studies of our kids, you can simply experience how cell phones affect our lives as with the help of Google and so many other educational apps our little ones can easily find the solutions of their day to day home assignments. Even our business needs mobile phones to get in touch with several clients and customers for orders and supplies, cell phones play an important role in the smooth running of our business enterprise. Many people love reading books in their leisure time but buying them may not be affordable and carrying them long distances is difficult. But now you can buy books online using mobile apps and can carry them long distances. Educational apps provide their customers with online classes on specific topics and conduct tests depending on the topic.

Food delivery and taxi service apps

In today’s life, people are so busy with their work and are stuck in traffic in big cities. Most of them don’t have enough time to cook meals. If they have an app installed, they would get cooked food from their favorite restaurant which would be delivered at their doorstep at reasonable rates. Many apps today provide their customer’s taxi services at reasonable rates too. Now imagine a world without mobile apps, people may probably have difficulties in their food and transportation services.

Banking apps

 Banking services that mobile apps provide their customers are numerous. Customers can view debits and credits of their personal accounts, transfer money without the barrier of time and distance, view current account balance, etc. Customers can pay all their bills online, especially the electricity bills, phone bills, water bills, etc. without standing in long queues. In the past, people had to wait in long queues to do their banking services with was time-consuming and it also increased air pollution.

Social media apps and video calling apps

Social media apps help in building and maintaining strong bonds between people. These apps help in chatting, sharing videos and photos. People prefer using these apps on mobile phones than on desktop. Social apps installed in mobile phones will have more access than on desktop and thus the communication and relationship will be stronger without any gaps. Video calling apps are also common nowadays where you can meet your dear ones whenever you wish without any barrier of distance. The primal human need is to feel connected to others. Ironically, the most distracting apps are communication apps. You have a need to feel connected to people, but on the other hand, apps that enable you to be connected with people from all over the world are the biggest distraction. Despite all the advantages, it has the disadvantage of not visiting friends and families and just chats with them via social media channels which may cause problems.

Studies and Business, Food delivery and taxi service app, Banking apps

Life without Mobile Apps

For more than a decade, smartphones are proving to be our friends, in fact, best friends and they are constantly making our lives easier with mobile applications. Now imagine a world without mobile apps. What are the consequences of this lost?


Confusion is the first feeling, followed by ‘no alarm’ day. Mobile phones have practically replaced various daily objects in our lives. It becomes horrifying for the user to convert into a non-user. In Canada, the weather is quite unpredictable, and imagine you cannot access the weather app to check the weather conditions.


We mostly realize the importance of certain things is in their absence. You would be amazed to see how often you speak to your friends and family using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. You are missing out on your friend’s social life using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook apps (which probably is for good) and you obviously can’t share your site as well.


How are you going to make your payments without wallet applications such as Apple pay and RBC wallet in this modern age? Carrying cash and credit cards everywhere? You would need to buy actual tickets for transportation as you won’t be able to enjoy the luxury of cashless and contactless payment process for mobile apps.

It’s completely hard to imagine the world without smartphones it’s impossible to stop and ponder about our lives without mobile phones. Nearly half of Smartphone users say it is very difficult for them to imagine life without smartphones, which is not very surprising. Smartphones have become our favorite companion; we trust them to wake us up every morning, prepare us where we want to go, reply to emails and hundreds of other things.

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