How to make money with mobile app games?

The concept of earning money online is not a new one. In fact, there are several websites that are dedicated to this basic purpose, but most of them provide points for gift certificates instead of actual cash.  A new app called Loot app gives people the opportunity to make actual cash for completing basic functions with their smartphone. There’s a lot of money in apps. But most of it is earned by a certain type of app; many others make no money at all. It is extremely hard to put a single figure at around how much revenue an app can generate because of the wide range of apps and the disparity of money they produce.

Mobile app games can be beneficial for both app developers and app users.

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App developers’ perspective

In-app Purchases

If you launch your app using one of these monetization models, you have a higher chance of making more revenue than any other model. It is a gaming app offered free-of-charge to the user with limited features, contents. If you wanted to explore it in deep, then you can access a premium version through in-app content updates which will also lead you to subscribe for monthly content updates. It is one of the most popular monetization options for gaming applications and generates a good revenue with in-app purchases ranking with high percentage revenue in the Apple Store in US and Asian markets. Sometimes mobile apps come in free and premium paired versions. To download the premium version of an app a user has to pay a one-time fee to upgrade to the premium app offering for better features. When a free app is created, it contains a link attracting the users to try out added features.


 Advertisement within the game app is another way to gain money. Advertising model games are typically free but contain ads as a means of revenue. Display ads are the most standard type, which can include static ads, dynamic display ads, banner ads, video ads, and pop-up ads. Interstitial ads are common for games with a level-up progression since they can be displayed between levels where there is a natural break in the gameplay, making them relatively unintrusive. Contextual ads are integrated into gameplay, often as branded gameplay objects or branded storefronts within the scenery of a game.


This game model will allow you to play a free trial or demo version of a game, but require payment to unlock the full game license. Shareware gives free users limited gameplay compared to the full game – the idea is to entice users to pay for the game once they’ve gotten a taste. This model somewhat outdated as the vast majority of mobile game developers have embraced freemium.


 Subscription model games charge a recurring fee to continue playing them, usually on a monthly basis. It’s uncommon for mobile games to use the subscription model – it’s more frequently used for massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and other video games that require continuous server hosting and administrative overview in order to operate. Mobile games don’t lend themselves to a subscription model in part because they tend to be fleeting in popularity. Consumers tend to grow bored with mobile games, constantly looking for a novel diversion.  

ways to make money from mobile games

Tricks to push users to make purchases

Game developers have come up with truly ingenious tactics to make their games profitable. VIP Programs are an emerging tactic to retain power-users who are deeply devoted to the mobile game. Extra bonuses that come with membership can include performance enhancers that give a competitive advantage, elimination of advertisements, customer service support.

Special offers can attract a player by giving them a strong motivation to make a purchase and get back in the game. Like an e-commerce display ad showing that an item once abandoned in a shopping cart has since gone on sale, special offers are all about timing and knowing one’s audience.

Game creators can market offers via emails, push notifications, and in-game banner ads. This makes the messaging almost inescapable to a heavily invested player. In a sense, it’s unsurprising that mobile games are so profitable.

App users’ perspective

As we mentioned earlier, the Loot app gives people the opportunity to make actual cash for completing basic functions with their smartphones. Companies that choose to participate with Loot can get users to do everything from sharing something on social media to downloading a specific app. This can be beneficial for businesses in many ways, including the fact that it acts as a good resource for collecting marketing data.

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The companies involved with Loot will benefit from the much higher level of trust that consumers place in word of mouth advertising. As with any rewards program, the amount of money that people get out of the Loot app will be tied directly into the number of hours that they are willing to dedicate to helping companies advertise various products and services. Mobile games are a great fit for influencer marketing partnerships because they appeal to all demographics and have a low barrier to entry. Since the majority of people own a smartphone and have access to mobile app marketplaces, a game download conversion can happen with just the tap of a smartphone.

Affiliate Marketing is powerful as well if you as a user promote their product and the user uses your link to purchase that product, then you will get some commission. If you tie up with other businesses to promote their products through your app then you can make good commission through the transaction.

Social media encourages the user to share the information within their contacts. Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the finest example, which is a rage among the current generation of users.

There are never-ending opportunities for fortune companies in the app market. The app market has been growing every day and it won’t stop. Therefore, it is beneficial for both game creators and game players to focus on the methods of making money through playing mobile games.

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