Family Organization Apps and Tools to Simplify Your Life

It is no surprise that modern parents find it challenging to cope with family and work in today’s world where everyone is busy. Remembering everything about the life of each family member and their needs in the midst of your busy schedule is certainly not easy. Even if you’re a good mommy or good dad, you might forget things sometimes, after all, we’re not supercomputers. Don’t worry, a family organizer app can help you keep all the important things in mind and organize your family.

Whether you’re a two-person family or you’ve got enough people under your roof to field a softball team, when things get busy you probably struggle with your family organization. Staying organized and following up on appointments, lessons, games, practices, work schedules, etc. can be tough. You might hang up a giant calendar or dry erase board and go to the old school. But the problem with this approach is that these calendar squares are never large enough and dry-erase markers can be lost in an eye’s blink.

You may have upgraded your phone from the push or rotary button. It’s time to use technology to update the family organization plan.

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In organizing family affairs, organizer apps can be quite handy. Plan everything in one place so that you can take care of your family smoothly. In fact, to simplify your family life, they turn out to be a must-have for busy moms and busy dads. Sticky notes on the kitchen wall and it can become sticky to keep everything on your hands. Thanks to today’s smartphones and mobile app technology, a number of family organizer applications are available to make family life much easier. Moving on with advances in technology and replacing sticky notes with these family organizer apps is time.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and useful organization apps that can simplify your life:


Cozi is an organizer software for the family schedule. This allows users to organize each family member’s schedules in one location, thereby keeping the entire family in the loop. With this app, you can keep track of the appointment for each member, or activities, as well as share you’re to-do lists or even menu, plans to update or organize so that no one in the family loses any details.

Coordinate schedules, create and share shopping lists and activities, create event and appointment reminders, and take a look at the plans of the whole family for the day. This useful networking device helps you to see the same details for everyone in your family. This means that any changes made on one device in the app will update the app of each other.

Google Calendar

Using Google Calendar for each member of the family, you can set up a calendar (color-coded, of course) and keep track of meetings and events and even set reminders. You can change the settings to share the calendar with specific people, even people who use another online scheduling program like Outlook or IBM Notes. With online calendars, you’re never going to run out of space.

our home

our home is a family life organizer app that allows you to handle family responsibilities and coordinate family members ‘ day-to-day activities. The app uses a gamified approach to inspire children without feeling overwhelmed to complete their tasks.

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One of the app’s features is a motivation system that allows parents to involve children in housework. Adults can come up with assignments, award points after they have been completed, and exchange points for awards. For example, an extra hour of computer games, dinner at a favorite pizza place, or a family trip to an amusement park can be anything. A dingy job of washing dishes will become a pleasant and fascinating activity with this approach.

The app has a calendar that provides records to all own family members on appointments and schedules of different participants of the family as nicely as essential dates and events. This ensures each person in the family is up to date about the family activities without any gaps.


FamilyWall is a very popular life organization app that allows you to stay connected as well as organized with your family. It helps you to plan your activities, To-do lists, find family members with real-time coordinates, and get safe zone updates when your kids reach school or home, share photos and videos, send private and group messages, and more.

All activities are shown on the wall and grouped by date. The app provides a color-coded calendar with separate event schedules for the entire family and each individual. To – do lists enable family members to create assignments and receive notifications upon completion of the tasks.

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Picniic is yet another smart family/life organizer app that is free and affords a little bit of all capabilities you would want to have for a good organizer app. You have a circle of relatives’ calendar to proportion your schedules, events, etc, to-do and shopping lists, store your recipes and create meal plans, create group events and more.

You can download this app on the Google Play and App Store. Picniic has an interface that is attractive and welcoming. The main menu is rendered in a tiled theme as in Windows, although at your discretion it is not possible to rearrange tiles.


Another app that you can use to have a shared calendar for your family. The Hub Calendar allows every member of the family to be updated on family events or appointments. It can also be used to share shopping lists, task lists, to-do lists, to manage shopping and household chores for your food. It also features due date and reminder so you can do everything on time without missing anything.

You can download the Hub Family Organizer from both the App Store and Google Play. This streamlined app helps you focus on two key items-calendar events and lists (tasks and purchases). It shows all events, records, and lists in one location. Hub Family Organizer also allows messages to be written and photos published. It is possible to use the program for any small team.

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