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In today’s modern life, technology is becoming one of the inseparable concepts in people’s daily lives. People use technology and smart devices to fulfill their jobs and daily tasks. These days, companies are producing wearable devices to sync with your smartphones and tablets. One of these wearable devices is smartwatches.

In this article, we are going to introduce these devices and also the apps specially designed for these smartwatches. Today, smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. The market is open not only to electronics companies like Apple (Apple Watch) and Samsung. More and more traditional watch manufacturers are also offering their models. So close to the user and offering fast operation, smartwatch apps and smartwatch development are an exciting medium for virtually all services and products

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Smartwatches offer a promising new customer touchpoint for retailers and financial services companies, but any successful effort to use them in your business will depend strongly on having a laser focus on the simplicity and utility of your application’s design. If the user has to interact with an app, she has to reach across her body with her other arm. These can be tiring physical movements if they have to be done for more than a few seconds. When designing apps for smartwatches, you have to test them on real devices to see what the physical cost of any given interaction is.

Smartwatches, like smartphones, are technological tools that can help you to be more productive and efficient. They can also help improve your health by tracking fitness goals. But Smartwatches can do more than send an email, answer your phone, and monitor your fitness. More and more apps developing each day for smartwatches. These apps are launched for both Android Watches and Apple Watches.

 If a watch app is paired to a smartphone app that offers features such as redeeming rewards points or making mobile payments, those should be fully supported on the watch app. Some of the smartwatch manufacturers include out of the box functionality with the default apps. But still, there are a few functionalities that you can add by installing third-party best wearable apps that claim to make your day far managed and controlled.

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Important keys to developing apps for smartwatches

Based on your needs, there are many applications developed for the smart phone on all OS to serve you the best functionality. The marketplace of smartwatches is presently blossoming. More and smarter watch app developers try hard to figure out how to make their software stand out from the competition. While functionality and innovation have always been obvious features of any application, there are a few more key traits to be considered while building apps for wearable devices.

Smartwatches are becoming smartphones than ever. Almost all innovations and changes are based on some smart features. For instance, one of the announced innovations was an ability of Siri to learn from you and offer you those icons on the screen which you would probably need the most at a particular time in a particular place.

 Now, it is not only important to have a handy gadget that is packed with fancy features but to make it look great. Your app has not only to be nice but also fit the general look of the device.

 Buying a smartwatch, people want to use the same apps with the same functionality as in a smartphone, especially if their phone or computer is out of reach. So, make sure that the app you are working on will be just as useful as a smartphone version.

Because most smartwatches use vibrations or tones as a primary way of attracting users’ attention, be thoughtful in how often you want to alert them.

Top apps developed for smartwatches

If you are looking for a navigation app, you have to install Citymapper on your smartwatch. It is compatible with both the Apple Watch and Android Wear. Using this app you are able to get instructions to go from a place to another place by public transportation. It also provides weather alerts, integration with Uber, etc. you need to use it in your daily life.

Android Wear provides Sleep app which tracks your sleep to find the best moment to wake you up. It will wake you up during your light sleep cycle. It also provides an analysis of your sleep patterns and cycles. Using this app will help you get rid of common alert clocks and prevent having a negative impact on your productivity during the day.

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Shazam is a popular app you can use to scan the name of a song you have heard. Apple Watch has provided this app and you can wave your arm around to find the song’s title.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is another app developed for both Apple Watch and Android Wear. Using this app saves time by automating daily actions with the use of recipes.

Yum-Yum! is an Apple Watch application you can use on your watch to read step-by-step instructions to cook a meal. It has more than 1000 recipes written by chefs. It consists of food pictures and guides you on how to cool the meal gradually. It also has a timer mode that will alarm you the exact time to serve your meal.

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps around the world. You can have it on your Android Wear to be able to check your location and find your destination. This app is available for Android Watches.

Telegram is also available for your smartwatches. You can use it to send voice or text messages using this app in your Android Wear watch. It also supports emojis, stickers, and themes.

Mentioned above apps are just a few apps you can use for your smartwatches. There are many other apps you can install based on your needs and the OS you watch is supporting.

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